Perfect Blue   2/05/20
by TheUsualSuspect
The obsessed fan motif has been done before, but Perfect Blue adds wrinkles to the elements to make it intriguing enough for the viewer to be glued to the screen.

Perfect Blue   7/13/19
by Citizen Rules
I hate it when films through in mind f*** stuff trying to look deep, Annihilation did that too, and to me that means the film makers didn't have anything deeper to say.

Perfect Blue   2/28/19
by MovieMeditation
The way the film presents a persons slowly crumbling sanity, combined with the later introduced schizophrenic behavior, is super convincing and very impressive it is also a little too confusing at times, especially towards the end, and while the wildly elevated and admittedly engrossing animated pre...

Perfect Blue   2/02/19
by pahaK
Perfect Blue is practically an animated giallo.

Perfect Blue   4/03/17
by The Gunslinger45
In all honesty this film has not only given me a greater respect for Anime as a whole and what it can do, but I now count Perfect Blue as among my top 50 favorite films.

Perfect Blue   1/14/16
by Omnizoa
Unlike Paranoia Agent where the subtext of a message is prevalent throughout, Perfect Blue unfolds as a mystery, but for the first third or so of the movie, it's seems like a pretty crappy mystery.

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