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Dogtooth (2009)
Directed by Giorgos Lanthimos
Written by Giorgos Lanthimos, and Efthymis Filippou

The director said that the idea for this movie started out as a science fiction movie about how in the future there would be these groups of people who would want to keep the idea of a proper family alive.

Living in a house with no contact to the outside world and not being able to leave. A father and mother who appear to be psychotic in there methods of punishment and reward. The father brings a woman home who he has payed to have sex with his son to satisfy his sexual needs. But that was not enough for this director, the amount of incest and sexual awkwardness was hard to watch.

The part that bothered me the most was thinking that somewhere in the world there might be a family like this. The scene with the cat being disemboweled, or maybe the fact that the father and mother teach the children that cats are the most evil animal in the world and will brutally kill you if given the slightest chance was bizarre(so deffinatly watch this movie if you are a cat lover, you can thank me later) as were all of the ways that the parents made there children to scared to even try to leave there fenced in property. I thought the film Castaway taught all of us a good way to remove a tooth, but this movie one ups Castaway and teaches an entirely new technique in how to safely remove that annoying little thing.

I loved the part showing the correct usage of a VCR during a fight. Also some good tips on what to do with those old VHS tapes laying around as long as you have some good duct tape.[/size]