Blind Fury   9/24/12
by akatemple
The only thing that bothered me about this movie was a few scenes with Rutger Hauer and the kid, I know in the movie he is blind but it was just weird how close they got to each other (physically), kinda like at the end of Lord of the Rings when your just waiting for all the Hobbits to start making ...

Beneath Hill 60   4/07/12
by akatemple
For fans of history it also tells a part of the amazing Allied attack on the Messine Ridge which had at that time (due to the miners placing massive ammounts of explosives under the german lines) the largest manmade explosion ever recorded, anyone who is a fan of war films will love this movie.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo   3/24/12
by akatemple
I thought Fincher did a great job with the remake, it is almost a shot for shot remake except Fincher included so much more from the book, characters that wind up playing large parts in the trilogy.

Passchendaele   3/23/12
by akatemple
I think this movie has some of the most authentic and graphic trench warfare scenes out of any movie that I have ever heard of, if you like war films and have not seen this one then you have to watch it.

The Last Circus   2/28/12
by akatemple
I thought this was a beautifully messed up movie, this is not a horror movie but still plenty of gore, I am not sure what catagory I would put this under.

The Toxic Avenger   2/21/12
by akatemple
All in all I thought this was a good movie and would suggest this to anyone who likes movies that are a little different, a nice mix of comedy and horror and all that B-Rated goodness.

Right at Your Door   2/01/12
by akatemple
I should have been bored but I wasn't, I found this movie entertaining from beginning to end and the movie did have a shocking twist ending that I did not see coming.

Immortal   2/01/12
by akatemple
This is a really interesting movie and beautifull movie as the characters and movie are half live action and half CGI, I definitely suggest this movie to anyone that likes the bizzare and unusual.

The Hunt for Gollum   1/31/12
by akatemple
This is a British film that takes place just before the first Lord of the Rings film, I had never heard of this film until stumbling upon this on Youtube so I figured it had to do with the LOTR story so I would give it a shot, this is a short film coming in around 39 minutes.

Memories of Murder   1/26/12
by akatemple
I am kind of bored with the movie already, there is no blood in a serial killer movie and the story is just starting off really slow.

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