Dogtooth   3/23/21
by Thief
knowledge ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power (or pain?); with knowledge comes pain; what I know can't hurt me all of which boil down to the belief that sometimes is better "not to know".

Dogtooth   4/03/16
by Omnizoa
The trailer refers to the movie as a "satire" and yet I cannot even begin to imagine what this movie might be satirizing beyond overprotective parents which even then it doesn't manage to do anything meaningful with it.

Dogtooth   11/05/11
by akatemple
The scene with the cat being disemboweled, or maybe the fact that the father and mother teach the children that cats are the most evil animal in the world and will brutally kill you if given the slightest chance was bizarre(so deffinatly watch this movie if you are a cat lover, you can thank me ...

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