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TRON: Legacy

Tron: Legacy (3D IMAX)

A fitting sequel, in that the tech achievements are more important than the narrative to a large degree. That said the story and the style combine well at points (not to mention the cohesion crafted by Daft Punk's driving soundtrack). The cyberpunky plot almost threatens to create a thought-out world at times. I liked how Bridges blew on a representation of digi-DNA in one scene, as if that was a form of trammelled complexity that we're unthinkingly capable of (blowing air around). That kind of vibe tallied with the 'we don't know what we've got' take home message they were going for.

The biggest message, however, was that towering silky 3D imagery is cool, and that was all fun (And laughing at awful dialogue about the sun being warm was enjoyable too ). The storyline wasn't all bumph, and some lines could even have been delivered better, but this film is ultimately a Disney rollercoaster. Bridges spouting hippy schtick was forgivable given the backstory, but the lead's leadenness less so (he was almost out-acted by the CGI-Bridges at points, and 'he' was only just working because he's meant to be a simulation in the first place).

But hey, enjoy the noir-ish CGI-futurism, the scads of silliness, get on your lightbike and just go with the flow