Cave of Forgotten Dreams   3/30/11
by Golgot
I was slightly surprised that Herzog didn't take the scientists to task on their wilder speculations (as he did in Wild Blue Yonder), but as a corollory he left room for us to dream our own dreams about the people who intertwined bulls with pudenda, put leopards heads on statues, & crafted some very beautiful sights indeed.

TRON: Legacy   1/06/11
by Golgot
The biggest message, however, was that towering silky 3D imagery is cool, and that was all fun (And laughing at awful dialogue about the sun being warm was enjoyable too ).

Separado!   8/27/10
by Golgot
Or at least, what we get is a Welshman in 'Welsh Patagonia', which is kinda surreal, but then he's quite a surreal fellow.

Four Lions   5/07/10
by Golgot
It's easy for a white Westerner to push through the nerves and join in the laughs, because the biggest bigot of the lot is a white rebel Islamic convert.

F for Fake   2/24/10
by Golgot
A wonderfully Wellesian take on documentaries and art, this delicious, lugubrious cocktail of impressions, half-truths, magical deceits and peacock personalities is in theory based on some bedrocks of truth.

Encounters at the End of the World   1/11/10
by Golgot
It's another personal journey by the director, with pauses to highlight favoured topics of extinction and apolitical human triumph, but all explored via the tales he gets these peculiar pioneers to share.

Avatar   1/04/10
by Golgot
Elements that will probably become more pertinent the more the 3D & CGI aspects date.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus   10/29/09
by Golgot
CGI has to do a touch too much heavy lifting at points in the imaginarium, but does manage to create genuinely dream-like moments at times, all of which contrast nicely with the ragbag crew peddling its wares on the streets of London and the like.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK   7/19/09
by Golgot
It still seems too cartoony at times (bruises disappearing in a flash between 'real life' scenes), and for every successfully crafted bit of comedy there's a lull or missed beat, but the fact they got it to work at all makes it something of a treat

The Lady from Shanghai   6/20/09
by Golgot
Eccentric characters sweat in the broth of their own intrigues as they sail around exotic locations, taking the odd picnic amongst ravenous crocodiles.

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