The Man Without a Past   10/23/04
by Golgot
This is the story of a man who gets off a train in a strange city, suitcase in hand, only to get promptly beaten up and left for dead.

Cop Land   10/23/04
by Golgot
As Sylvester Stallone casts his droopy eyes over the smokey bar, Harvey Keitel runs the whole house of cards, with Robert Patrick and Ray Liotta playing structural parts.

Captives   10/23/04
by Golgot
Roth has lost his freedom, and is trapped amongst the crazed inmates of that same stark dominion.

In the Mood for Love   10/23/04
by Golgot
Married in traditional Hong Kong society, the woman's clothes may be striking sixties, the man's work-clothes a sharp shirt and tie, but the values are back-room whispers, the norms that clasp any society to their brest, no matter how progressive it all might seem.

Buffalo Soldiers   10/23/04
by Golgot
This film suggests all kinds of shenanigans go on amongst peace-time soldiers (in this case, ones based in germany as the berlin wall was falling).

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