TRON: Legacy   5/12/14
by The Rodent
Writing duo Kitsis and Horowitz were both huge fans of TRON and decided to take on the sequel when they were approached by Disney, and eventually put something together that allowed new fans to discover the original, old fans to rediscover the original, pays homage to the original and also expands the broadens the world of The Grid and keeps within the realms of computer technology changing in real life since 1982, all at the same time.

TRON: Legacy   3/13/11
by John McClane
Connecting the soundtrack to the visuals is done so artfully that future films should look to this flick to figure out how to get it done.

TRON: Legacy   1/06/11
by Golgot
Tron: Legacy (3D IMAX) A fitting sequel, in that the tech achievements are more important than the narrative to a large degree.

TRON: Legacy   12/17/10
by spudracer
I read in one review that the film is fast-paced and very good, up until Sam's entrance into The Grid.

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