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Inception 2010

The most flawed and effective movie of the year yet. Nolan never allows the adrenaline to overflow as he did in The Dark Knight, which is probably the biggest shortcoming of Inception.

It's semi-crushing how not wide the action scenes in Inception are. For a movie about atmosphere and shooting, it isn't afraid to smash you over the head with close ups. Although I still wouldn't go out of the way to say these shootouts are poorly done. It's the momentum they carry that isn't strong enough. For the first hour we're taught how inception works, the time and physics within dreams. By the time the heist begins there shouldn't be a second of misunderstanding. Sadly, the exposition follows every recurring bit of shooting - constantly putting the brakes on.

The best part of this are the performances. Dicaprio is losing his already loosened grip on reality, Marion Cotillard (his wife) is ever convincing him to stay in dreams with her. Dicaprio flexed this muscle earlier in the year in Shutter Island, but it's a small price to pay for a performance so meticulously realized.