Inception   8/08/20
by Gideon58
The creative force behind Dunkirk and The Dark Knight is the driving force behind a bold and challenging cinematic journey called Inception, an effective blend of science fiction, corporate espionage, and star-crossed romance that requires complete attention, which doesn't always pay off, but keeps ...

Inception   9/28/18
by Roy C.
In the film, the gang just falls asleep in proximity with wires connected to one another and wake up in each other's dreams.

Inception   7/22/16
by BraedenG33
The film also has one of my all time favorite lines in any film "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."

Inception   6/27/16
by Omnizoa
Again, this turns entirely on the assumption that Limbo would cause you to forget that you're dreaming, but no part of the movie suggests why that would be, especially considering how Fischer is able to maintain a contiguous memory of the previous dream, even though he didn't create the dreams until...

Inception   7/17/15
by Cole416
The movie takes you through everything Leo encounters as you get to see all the twists and turns that he encounters while he is forced to go into someone's dream, in a dream, in a dream.

Inception   3/27/15
by Iroquois
Naturally, the character with the most depth is Leonardo diCaprio's protagonist, whose professionalism is scuppered by his own personal demons manifesting in the form of his wife (Marion Cotillard, who gets a bit more to work with as a constantly-shifting dream character).

Inception   11/17/10
by MovieMad16
Dreams are something in film that can be difficult to do and even more difficult to be done well.

Inception   7/31/10
by meatwadsprite
For the first hour we're taught how inception works, the time and physics within dreams.

Inception   7/20/10
by TheUsualSuspect
It's always interesting and engaging the viewer. It doesn't slow down to explain things, and doesn't really need to.

Inception   7/19/10
by Yoda
Nolan has incorporated all the peculiarities about dreaming into his story, from the sensation of falling right before waking up, to the curious way that time seems to slow inside them.

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