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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Day 78: July 17th, 2010

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Another Kind Of Rocky.

If you'd had said that I would love a film that involved song and dance numbers, a character who cross dresses and Susan Sarandon, I'd call you crazy. Yet here I am, reviewing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The craziest film that gets you singing along. I had the great opportunity to see this in the theatre once for a midnight showing. It was a blast.

Brad (*******) and Janet (slut) have car trouble and take refuge in the Frankenstein Castle. While there, they run into some Transylvanians and a mad doctor, Dr. Frank-n-Futer. He is creating his masterpiece, Rocky. The film blends horror, sci/fi, comedy, musical, camp, and thrills in one unforgettable package. The moment those lips appeared on the screen singing the opening number, Science Fiction + Double Feature, I knew I would like this film.

I was wrong, I loved this film.

Riff Raff, my favourite character, is played by Richard O'Brien. Half of the creative team behind this piece. The most iconic character in musical films, in my opinion, is played by Tim Curry. In an unforgettable role as Frank-n-Futer. The film has catchy songs, every single number I seem to like. Of course I have my favourite, but there is not one song that I can't stand. A rare thing for me and musicals.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a hard film to sell to people. It might make them uncomfortable to watch, but I love it every time I see it. It's campy for sure and it knows it. People didn't get that back when it was released, but they did once it played to the midnight crowd. It holds the record for longest film release for theatres, because it's still going.