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Day 62: July 1st, 2010

Rocky IV

Rocky defeats Communism.

Creed fights a big Russian dude and dies. Rocky cries because he lost yet another friend to boxing circumstance. Rocky agrees to fight this Russian, in Russia of all places and finds the determination and will to win.

This film is utterly ridiculous. Ivan Drago punches at a power level of 2150 psi. One punch to Rocky's head would kill the guy. Yet he keeps on coming like the energizer bunny. While in Russia the Russian fans cheer for the American boxer Rocky. This is the cold war people, I know Americans can be full of themselves sometimes but this is a bit ridiculous. Fans of the sport? Want to support the underdog (is he still considered an underdog now?) Cheer for him after the fight, not during. That damn robot.

With all that said, I love this film.

What? Did you read that right? You did.

It is all because of Ivan Drago, the absolute best thing in the entire series. I loved this guy, his stature is pure determination. The guy is the perfect fighter. Dolph Lundgren explodes onto the scene in a role that defines his career. It's his most memorable role and he barely speaks a word. I admire him and his roles, he has something about him that is likable. My favourite Rocky opponent is without a doubt Ivan Drago.

The rest of the film is ridiculous, but I let it slide. Bad move on my part? Doesn't make sense with everything else I've said about the other films? I don't care. This is my guilty pleasure film of the series. How 'bout that.

More montage of Rocky training, in Russia. His told school methods compared to the new technology that Drago is using. Paulie tells Rocky that is he could be anybody else in this world, it would be him. Touching, Paulie us usually used for bits of comedic relief. He was the guy that was just around. His in Rocky's corner now.

The film focuses less on the characters and their problems and more on the montages, muscles and fighting. I'm fine with that, it's nice to have a fun little break away film in the series. Creed's death isn't as emotional as Mickey's, but we still feel the heat. Drago straight up murders the man and walks away. Bad ass?

If it weren't for Drago, this film would be a lot lower on my rating scale. Take that as you will.