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DAY 140: January 20th, 2009.


Ever wonder what a super hero movie would be like if they lost all the real fancy powers and costumes? If it were real people living real ordinary lives with zero flash? Unbreakable asks this questions to the viewers.

The film is incredibly well shot and shows patience. I really enjoyed Shyamalan using alternate ways to show basic conversations. Like at the beginning when Willis is talking to the sports agent and we never leave the seats in front of them, or when we are with the second survivor before he dies the whole time Willis is talking to the doctor. These little things break the ordinary mold of a simple conversation and adds some interesting elements to keep our attention.

Shyamalan, who also writes the films he directs, shows us that he's a talented guy. He knows what stories to craft and how to tell them, sometimes they are a hit, sometimes they are a miss. Then you have his big misses, but I give the guy credit for trying something different each time. From ghosts, to aliens and unknown forces. Kudos to the guy for trying to dive into different genres.

Unbreakable is never thrilling, nor edge of your seat entertainment, it's never meant to be either. There are some intense moments though, specifically when his son thinks shooting him will prove he's a superhero. Well written, directed and acted on everyone's part.

I liked the film, but felt it lacked to really grab me. It just seemed to be a well done film and nothing more, nothing to want me to explore this world or the people in it. It has a lot going for it too, the cast is great, the writing is superb and it has layers that the viewers peels away at, to get to that ultimate reveal. Yet at the same time, I was never blown away by anything. Not once did I think to myself, "Wow, this is such a great film".

I know this film has many lovers, and I'm not bashing it, I'm just saying that yes it is good, but not a masterpiece, nor his best work. I want to give this film a
, but I'm pushing it up a half because it tried something new.