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I'm split in two about this classic and it truly is a classic.

Directed by the widely acclaimed Fritz Lang when films had just started to implement sound , it's amazing to see such an old motion picture that is on par with the quality of modern films. Lang shot this movie in the midst of the Nazi party's rise in Germany - so it features rare commentary about the Nazi's usage of power from the perspective of a German person (and before World War II). Though I will throw my appreciation for the time it was made quickly out of the way and judge it based on my own merits.

The first half is incredible , an enormous story of a city going mad. A murderer of children causes distrust among everyone , the police can't catch him and citizens start taking the law into their own hands. The focus rotates from all different groups of people , normal citizens , police , criminals , children , beggars , it gains a scope few other thrillers do. It's a wonderfully fast and chaotic dance - your forced on your toes and then you hit a brick wall : this is the second act.

No more characters are introduced from here on and what follows is a very disappointing and drawn out conclusion to a superior start. We start with a contrived pursuit of the killer and then it starts to fold into itself : leading all these loose ends which made the first half so fun - into one tight lane.

It's still very enjoyable and anyone of significant historical knowledge should warm to it much more than me , who knows little.