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Ah RoboCop, how have not seen thee yet? It's always been on of those movies I've meant to seen, but when another movie I wanted to see, RoboCop was backed down the Queue. Finally, the new sensation Hulu added Robo (and it's sequels) to their list of movies. I had to watch it and it was actually really good.

First and foremost that sticks out of my mind was the action. I like seeing things blow up and this had some of the best. They fill the movie with some of those trademark "Oh *****! It's RoboCop!" moments. The special effects weren't to be outdone though. The stop motion for ED-209 was a bit tricky sometimes, ad when the baddy finally meets his ends it looked kind of bad, but for it's time I can't see much better.

But it wasn't all action, the script is actually good. It actually was very serious and had themes. One of those themes was respecting seniority, which I think the idea is stupid, who cares how long you've been there, if you're good you're good, if you're bad you're bad, I don't care how long you've been working at the job. One problem I had with the script is that none of the characters were all that likable. RoboCop is the only one I really cared if he lived or died, but their was really no suspense because he's near indestructible and gets knocked down like three times. I guess we're supposed to like Bob Morton but he just acted like a big A the whole time, and we don't get to see much of Anne Lewis. We hardly know her.

The acting was better than expected though. Kurtwood Smith plays an awesome baddie, I love how he just tosses his partners out to slow down the cops. Only looks out for numero uno, which is a great quality for a bad guy. Peter Weller has the perfect voice for a robot, but seems just human enough, and no one else should ever be RoboCop. I also loved the way Ronny Cox as the head villain always held his composure, making you think he just might get away, until the end.

I'm not sure what else to say, besides go see it.