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Jurassic Park (Steven Spielberg, 1993)

1993 really was a great year for Steven Spielberg, I mean that year he gave to of his best movies heís ever made, Jurassic Park and Schindlerís List. I feel really proud to be born in 1993, just because of those two movies. This is that one movie for me that I really canít find a spot on my favorites list for, I mean I do really, really love it, but I donít know. I mean I love this movie more than any other movie, and Iíve always sort of considered it my all-time favorite movie, but for some reason I could just never put it in that spot. But after watching it for the first time in like a year tonight, I can honestly put it at that spot, because to me, this is the greatest movie ever made. This is the first movie that I can remember seeing and actually liking, so without this movie, I would never have my love for movies that I have now, so I have A LOT of respect for this movie. This film is nothing, but perfect. And much like Jaws, this is that one movie that most people just seem to love, but I donít see any reason why anyone wouldnít.

The effects in Jurassic Park are just timeless, they still amaze me to this day, I would take the effects used in Jurassic Park over any movie that we have today. Stan Winston is just a master with effects, itís just sad that we wonít get to see any more of his work, because he was a true genius at what he did. Another thing that really made this like Jaws was the suspense that it had, granted that it still didnít have as much suspense as Jaws, but then again Jaws is like the ultimate suspense movie. And one of the things that just really add to the suspense is the amazing score done by no other than John Williams who, like Stan Winston, is a genius at what he does. Heís definitely up there with my all-time favorite composers, what he did with this, Jaws, and Schindlerís List were just amazing.

I swear Steven Spielberg is a god among filmmakers; he is the best one ever to come into the business IMO. He knows what heís doing and very rarely disappoints, without Spielberg in the business I donít even think Iíd love movies as much as I do now. The movie industry would be incomplete without many of his movies. One of the things that impress me so much with this, is the characters he chose for the film. Sam Neill and the two kids (Joseph Mazzello and Ariana Richards) just immediately has a connection to each other, they were the perfect choices for the roles. Jeff Goldblum was very great in the role, he had to make himself seem crazy, yet sane at the same time, which he achieved at doing. I was sad to see that his character changed in the sequel, he seemed more sane and scared in the sequel. I do got to admit, when I was a kid, Sam Neillís character, Alan Grant, was my favorite character, he was just so freaking cool to me, and he still is just not as much.

Personally give me any other movie name, and I can tell you 100 reasons why I think Jurassic Park is even better. No other film even comes close to how amazing and mind blowing Jurassic Park is, I think to really love it though youíd have to have seen it when you were a kid. I mean, Iím sure most people have seen this by now, but if for some bizarre reason that you havenít seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go do so very soon. But like I said, if you arenít a kid, you probably wonít get the full effect of it. The very first time that I ever saw this was the very best movie experience that Iíve ever had, it was the very first great movie that I actually ever saw. Tonightís viewing of it, really felt a lot like my first viewing of it, but I still didnít quite get the same effect, and I doubt I ever will with any movie. I feel just so sad when the movie ends though, I just get so into it that the movie itself just flies by making me want to see more; at least we have 2 sequels. Both of the sequels I actually liked, I really liked the second, but I thought the third lost a lot of the magic that Jurassic Park had by switching to CGI. I could watch this movie all day if I could, and Iíve actually done this before when I was a kid. I really want to do it again, but I doubt that Iíll ever do that again. When I was a kid though, I rarely ever watched a full movie, I mainly just skipped to my favorite scenes of movie, this was the one movie that I never did that with, because it was too amazing to do that with, and it still is that amazing.