Silent House   3/11/12
by MovieMan8877445
I dont know how they managed to do it, but somehow the film managed to work in the end with no cuts whatsoever.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon   6/30/11
by MovieMan8877445
The final hour just being Bay getting to completely annihilate Chicago, and while that is entertaining to watch, itís not going to be something that Iím able to watch over and over.

Bad Teacher   6/24/11
by MovieMan8877445
...the entire movie was pretty much predictable, but still fun to watch nonetheless.

Green Lantern   6/24/11
by MovieMan8877445
I canít really find much to say about this at all, because I honestly canít find anything good or bad to say about it all. It was just a mediocre action film fun to watch, but not something I can myself going back to watch over and over again.

Super 8   6/10/11
by MovieMan8877445
Seeing this last night just really brought me back to my childhood. It actually might not deserve as high of rating as Iím giving it, but thereís just such a strong nostalgia to it for me that I have to.

X-Men: First Class   6/04/11
by MovieMan8877445
I canít believe they were actually able to top the second, but they did. I feel as though I could just watch this over and over again and it wouldnít ever turn out bad for me.

The Hangover Part II   6/04/11
by MovieMan8877445
They basically had the exact same plot as the first one, but it was just in a different situation. I mean, they even had similar music choices as the first, all of which I noticed immediately. Yet, they changed just enough to keep it somewhat fresh and funny.

Bridesmaids   6/04/11
by MovieMan8877445
As funny as [I]The Hangover[/I] and [I]Superbad[/I]? I think not. Still though, [I]Bridesmaids[/I] is a pretty decently funny flick to watch.

Kung Fu Panda 2   6/04/11
by MovieMan8877445
...this one was so different than the first. They took a lot of the focus away from the comedy side of it and focused more on the action and visuals.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides   6/04/11
by MovieMan8877445
This is really just Disneyís attempt to make some more money, but if that really was the sole purpose for this, it turned out well for just a profit attempt.

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