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Escape from New York

Escape From New York (2 views)

While the idea behind Escape From New York could be the start of something grand - the movie that follows isn't all it promises to be.

Snake Pliskin (Kurt Russel) is given a chance to get out of jail if he can save the president from the giant prison which is New York. Fortunately Snake is the ultimate bad-ass and can kill everybody and do a bunch of crazy **** : like land an airplane atop one of the twin towers. It really gets interesting when he enters the story , but once he's launched into his mission the movie begins a downward spiral.

Snake discovers several different areas in the huge jail and eventually gets up to the big guys - who run the place. Everything seems out of place , from the upbeat synthesizer soundtrack - to the vibrantly lit sets : it's hard to be sure if this is a disco club or an anarchic wasteland. If you haven't lost all interest in the characters near the end , congratulations. You just might enjoy this movie.

Unfortunately for me , I was disappointed to see such a cool premise and a cool character go to waste in this weird 80's apocalypse. Then again , the Metal Gear Solid character based on him - has become much bigger than this Snake ever will.