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DAY 61: October 31st, 2008.


Obviously I'm watching this film on Halloween, what else would I do?

So here is a film that defined and ignited a genre. It wasn't the first, but it was one of the first and one to start so many imitators that never really got the formula down right. Carpenter is a master at his craft and he doesn't always score, but I applaud him for what he does and I can say that I enjoy most of his work. Halloween is one of his finest.

So what is scarier then William Shatner? How about William Shatner spray painted white. Honestly, I find this mask scarier and more menacing then any hockey mask or fencing mask (ha, I hate Urban Legends 2). They ruined it in the sequels, then got it right again with Zombie's vision, but here it was the first and best. I was surprised that his mask came off in the film and we saw his face underneath. I grew up in the 90's, so I always saw the masked killer, then have the reveal at the end. Never did I see the victim tear the mask off during a scuffle, I was taken back....and I liked it. That scene makes it seem more real. Well done.

I guess since I grew up with the horror films being more in your face and graphic with the killings, I wasn't too impressed with the deaths in this film. Everything felt kind of slow to me, like the actors were taking it easy with each other in those scenes. Small nitpicks I have.

With other killers, they all have their reasons. Krueger is getting revenge on the kids of the parents who killed him, Jason is getting revenge on the kids who let him drown and killed his mother, the killers in scream are all about revenge. Then we have Michael Myers, who is described as PURE EVIL, from the one man who probably knows him best, Loomis. Not Loomis from Scream, that was a homage for you young kids out there.

Donald Pleasence's most notable role? Some would say so and I would agree. Also Jamie Lee Curtis pops up here and she is quite good. I never really cared for much of her stuff, but I took notice here, even if it was one of her first gigs. Although, yes, her screaming at the end in the closet can get on the nerves.

Halloween is the horror film to watch on Halloween. It's almost a rule, ritual, given. I can't say much for the sequels, but the first is always the best.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the cover? Simple, yet badass.