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Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead (1 view)

George Romero's masterpiece comes to life in an amazing collaboration of huge mall scenes, claustrophobic corridor scenes, and the right amount of horror, action, and humor. This movie strikes a balance in everything from politics and government to the importance of different kinds of life.

By Dawn the zombies have taken over substantial amounts of the world over now and only the smartest most well equipped humans are still trying to survive. After setting up the theme of what's going on in the world, the story follows four people who leave their town in a helicopter. Eventually they come across a mall and decide it's a good place to hang out for awhile, so they start to fight the zombies for control of it.

The action scenes are brilliant and incredibly detailed. Making this whole movie take place in a mall allows so much fun stuff to happen. Visuals in this film are most of the time gigantic and take full advantage of being shot in a real mall. There are usually tons of zombies walking around everywhere and a lot of them do get killed in a variety of crazy ways, but even as the survivors appear to be doing well inside the mall – you start to think about the zombies outside the mall.

One thing Dawn of the Dead does much better than any other zombie movie I’ve seen, is that it cares about it’s characters. There are only four main characters and none of them feel disposable like most other horror movies where the majority of the people die early on. The soundtrack is brilliant and is responsible for the major genre bending that goes on in the movie. It’s really suspenseful and intense one moment, then it’s fast and upbeat, or it’s somewhere in between.

Gigantic mall scenes make this one of the best looking movies, but it’s great character use and smart social commentary will suck you into this one again and again. Dawn of the Dead is scary, exciting, and unexpectedly funny.