Dawn of the Dead   1/20/18
by Joel
The way Romero punctuates some of the drama is mesmerizing, like the reveal of zombies still occupying the parking lot when a tennis ball drops from the roof, or when a one eyed scientist is hammering his reasoning home to a small audience of frustrated politicians.

Dawn of the Dead   6/10/14
by The Rodent
Effects expert Savini thought that the blood used in the film was too bright and almost luminous, which according to sources was actually down to a mistake on behalf of the production team but Romero actually ran with it and talked Savini round due to the comic nature of the blood adding to the comi...

Dawn of the Dead   11/06/08
by meatwadsprite
George Romero's masterpiece comes to life in an amazing collaboration of huge mall scenes, claustrophobic corridor scenes, and the right amount of horror, action, and humor.

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