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Schindler's List

Schindler's List (2 viewings)

This huge World War 2 film about a German businessman's attempts to save as many Jewish people from certain death in the concentration camps - is acted well with a mildly interesting story and features beautiful black and white cinematography.

The movie starts right at the beginning of the relocation of the polish-Jewish people to the ghettos. Schindler (Liam Neeson) is just starting his new factory to produce various sets of pots and pans for the army - and decides to employ an all Jewish staff. Though the black market in the ghettos , Schindler pays his employees with straight goods instead of money. As he sees more and more of the horrible killings of the Jewish people , he decides to try and get as many people possible to work at his camps : where no-one dies.

Schindler's List is shot in black and white , with a few dabs of color and looks really amazing for the most part. Some people may not be able to stomach the gratuitous amount of very realistic and brutal violence the movie often displays : re-enacting all of the horrible things that happened in the holocaust.

As big and realistic as the movie is - it suffers from it's weak focus on characters. Instead of attaching the story to a few people in each situation it doesn't really focus on it's main character or anyone hard enough. You mostly only see major events of Schindler opening his factory , writing this list , and his various business deals - but you rarely find scenes that actually reveal his personality. Something else I really hated in this movie was the ending. I'm not sure if it's real footage or actors at the memorial thing at the end - not that it matters : it's a very dull way to end a movie.