Schindler's List   8/04/23
by Takoma11
In the earlier scene, Schindler speaks with Helen, who slowly reveals the cruelties she has borne and witnessed, including Goeth shooting an elderly Jewish woman for fun.

Schindler's List   1/15/21
by Citizen Rules
Gawd knows I've taken pot shots at Spielberg for his big budget blockbusters with their syrupy sentimentalism and feel good moments...But damn if Spielberg didn't step away from his usual fare and instead gives us a pictorial history in film form of the events that led to Oscar Schindler saving ...

Schindler's List   5/29/16
by Omnizoa
Perhaps Schindler was a generally concealed man and they wanted to preserve that air of mystery about him so they picked a face out of the crowd to connect us to Schindler in that way?

Schindler's List   3/31/11
by TylerDurden99
For those who don't know, SL is the true story of Oskar Schindler, a war profiteer who saved 1,100 Jewish people during WW2.

Schindler's List   1/28/11
by MovieMad16
Its Important because in a way, it shows when Schindler changes and in a way also states that there is colour and hope for the jewish people that the suffering will end and it is in the form of the little girl.

Schindler's List   9/22/08
by meatwadsprite
This huge World War 2 film about a German businessman's attempts to save as many Jewish people from certain death in the concentration camps - is acted well with a mildly interesting story and features beautiful black and white cinematography.

Schindler's List   1/08/08
by mark f
I find the film to be told in almost an entirely fresh way, as the story builds, from a series of brief scenes about people who we don't know at all, into a world of flesh-and-blood characters who are just trying to survive a horrible situation.

Schindler's List   8/09/05
by Darth Stujitzu
Based on the true life story of Oskar Schindler, a war profiteer and member of the Nazi party who saved the lives of more than 1,100 Jews during the Holocaust. A very thought provoking film, that is surely up with the best of Spielberg's work and deserves all its praise.

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