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Sin City (3 views)

Frank Millers introduction to the screen is a marvelous one , the atmosphere in this film is violent , disturbing , and corrupt. This movie comes right off the pages of the Sin City books and works even better as a movie.

The thing that jumps out most in this movie is the look. It's primarily in black and white with a few parts of color. The movie is filled to the brim with great CGI that allows the characters to jump down flights of stairs and slice/shoot people up with ease. There isn't a part of the whole thing where you would get bored of the style used here.

The cast is excellent , I didn't see a single person in the whole thing that wasn't perfect for their role. The leads Bruce Willis , Clive Owen , and Micky Rourke get the most time on screen - each of them having their own seperate stories. All the small roles are all played by stars as well - Elijah Wood being as good of cannibal as Rosario Dawson is the leader of the old town hookers.

The three stories told in the movie are each excellent and very original. Each main character narrarates their own part and each of them is in trouble with the corrupt police force. One last thing to point out is the very memorable musical score , that works very well with the multiple layers of audio in the film.