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Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton (Gilroy, 2007)

Michael Clayton is the curious thriller from Writer/Director Tony Gilroy (Writer of the Bourne Trilogy)

George Clooney stars as Michael Clayton. A do any dirty job lawyer who is caught up in the biggest lawsuit in U.S. history. Michael's firm, Kenner, Bach, & Ledeen, is defending U/North in the lawsuit which involves over 400 people and 3 billion dollars. After his friend Arthur Edens (Tom Wilkinson) loses his mind, strips down naked in a deposition over the lawsuit and starts trying to sabotage the defense of U/North, Michael begins to unravel the truth behind who his firm is defending.

Michael Clayton gives you all the info you need. There were times in the theater where I was sitting wondering if we weren't supposed to get it yet, or if I was just lost. Gilroy does a great job of loading you with information for you to piece together, just like Michael has to. In the final 10 minutes, it all makes sense. We get it. Enlightened at the moment Michael is. That's what I love about this film.

Everyone around you knows what's going on. Michael and the audience are the only ones that are confused about what exactly we're seeing and hearing. Gilroy puts us in Michael's shoes. We only understand what he understands, and it's really difficult to make such a movie and still keep your attention. Lesser films would have people frustrated with what would seem like a teasing nature, but Michael Clayton expertly paints the picture of a first person investigation. What is the purpose in knowing all along what is wrong, when Michael himself doesn't even know?

Clooney and Wilkinson are great in this film. Tilda Swinton is decent in her role, but the Oscar nomination really puzzles me.

I don't know how to elaborate anymore on the story without ruining the experience and feeling the mystery.

Still, I definitely recommend it.