Moneyball   9/22/11
by BobbyB
It is typical Aaron Sorkin. Itís subtly funny, smart and very fast-paced.

Killer Elite   9/07/11
by BobbyB
Overall, I'll give the movie 1 hilarious Clive Owen mustache out of 5. The movie is just a mess. Explosions and hand-to-hand combat dominate the screen while you're left wondering why you should care about any of these characters and the dilemmas they face.

Inglourious Basterds   8/13/09
by BobbyB
It's always a real accomplishment when you can create a film that the 21 year old, UFC-watching, Red Bull-drinking, college kid can enjoy just as much as the 35 year old, Fellini-watching, Latte-drinking, painter.

Tropic Thunder   8/24/08
by BobbyB
...Tropic Thunder is a very original, pretty funny, uncompromising mockery of the state of Hollywood and the people that populate it.

Sea of Love   8/23/08
by BobbyB
Sea of Love is entertaining, but I would ultimately say it's a disappointment, due mainly for Becker failing to find the right ending.

Atonement   2/24/08
by BobbyB
I have no problem admitting that Atonement had me in pieces. Pure poetry put to screen.

Juno   2/24/08
by BobbyB
Ellen Page is magnificent. Really carries the movie and turns a role that could be a bit campy, into one that is believable and sweet.

No Country for Old Men   2/24/08
by BobbyB
This is a good movie. Not as great as everyone would have you believe, but still really good.

Michael Clayton   2/24/08
by BobbyB
I don't know how to elaborate anymore on the story without letting you experience it yourself and feeling the mystery. Still, I definitely recommend it.

There Will Be Blood   2/24/08
by BobbyB
Daniel Plainview's rise and life spent polarizing those close to him is so close to Citizen Kane that it borders on plagiarism. The difference in this movie is only that it's Oil instead of newspapers, the character depth of the lead isn't as good, and the ending is much worse.

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