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Let the flaming and -rep Begin

Hot Fuzz

Is the ‘Fuzz’ really that ‘Hot’?

"Shaun of the Dead" team Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and director Edgar Wright, re-team for their new comedy "Hot Fuzz."

Our not-so action packed story follows Sgt. Nicholas Angel (Pegg) who is so good he is actually transferred to the village of Sandford, with a low murder rate and a high accident rate. There he meets follow "Policeman officer" Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) and the two at first aren’t that close but end up becoming best friends. Meanwhile, three accidents occur that look suspiciously like murders!

One part of this movie that I liked was the directing, I thought it was very slick and cool, I did have a likeness to one particular shot, same technique as in Shaun of the Dead. But here, I thought it was overused a tad bit (see next post).

Another part I liked was the performance, particularly from Mr. Underrated 007 Timothy Dalton and Nick Frost, there were more laughs by Nick more than any other character. As for Timothy Dalton, he really did play a cool villain, arguably the best of his career.

One thing I didn’t like about this movie was a lot of un-funny jokes, at least to me; I didn’t laugh at a lot of them. I must admit that some of the deaths in this movie were funny (particularly at the fair.)

Another thing I didn’t like about ‘Hot Fuzz’ was the fact that I was expecting a lot of more action, I know that does sound stupid, but I mean look at the trailer, I wasn’t expecting a "Shoot ‘Em Up" but there was only one scene of high action, and I felt that was dragged on too long.

One more thing I am going to point out is in one scene in particular is the lighting, I could barely see their faces, all I could see was the outline of their faces in red. I know this won Meat’s big "Best visuals" award, but I did feel like this scene must be pointed out.

The final thing I didn’t like was the reasons why the murderer(s) murdered the people, I didn’t like their reasons, they weren’t even really that funny and the way Nicholas Angel thought the reasons why they were killed would have been better.

So, the comedy team behind "Shaun of the Dead", can’t match that hilarity.