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The Machinist

The machinist Ė Brad Anderson

Well, iím sure most of you have seen this film already, but for those of you that havenít and actually reed these reviews hereís a brief outline of the story: Trevor Reznik ( a machinist in a factory ) suffers from insomnia , he hasnít slept in a year and because of it is losing weight on a daily basis which makes him look like a scarecrow ( or someone dying from aidsÖ. man, it was really gruesome seeing Bale so mutilated ).

One day, while taking a smoke brake, he meats a mysterious man called Ivan who claims he works in the factory but Trevor has never seen him before. While working on a machine, Trevor gets distracted by Ivan which results in his colleagues hand being cut off. When he says that Ivan distracted him, noone seems to know who heís talking about which makes Trevor believe there is a mass conspiracy going so he goes on a frantic witch hunt to get to the bottom of things.

Itís a very good psychological thriller with the classical twist at the end.It's full of wonderful symbolism ( when Trevor is in the amusement park on the road666 ride, and the kid chooses hell instead of salvation ...and many others...) that give you a clue to what's going on.

WARNING: "the machinist" spoilers below
First of all, i saw the commentary from the director Ė Brad Anderson( who is apparently a stoner retard, at least thatís what he seemed like to me, the man has trouble putting together a coherent sentence and i got the impression that heís merely a good craftsman, not a true artist ), and the man says that they tried to film the movie so as not to tip you off that Trevor is actually hallucinating and that Ivan exists only in his mind. Well, i donít know about you, but i thought it was pretty clear the man was suffering from delusions due to insomnia. Ok, i wasnít actually aware of everything he was imagining but still.

It bothered me a bit that the film was shot in Spain , maybe it would have been better if i wasnít aware of that fact because the entire film seemed a bit off, in the back of my mind i knew that everything i saw in the film was Spain but i was supposed to think it was America ( they did a fantastic job in recreating America but still, it just wasnít the same ). Itís a wonderful little study of a man whoís guilt and his reluctance to deal with it is disrupting his mind and body.

P.s.:the title of the film was translated into Disappearing in Croatia, which suits the movie even better and the music is almost identical to the music in Inquiťtudes, the director himself said that music wise they were trying to create a Hitchcock feel to it.