The Machinist   6/29/09
by downthesun
Suspense in the film is built by its brilliant style. The camerawork and claustrophobic atmosphere in the factory show the viewer the darkness in Reznik’s life and help to replicate what is going through his mind.

The Machinist   10/19/05
by adidasss
First of all, i saw the commentary from the director Brad Anderson( who is apparently a stoner retard, at least thats what he seemed like to me, the man has trouble putting together a coherent sentence and i got the impression that hes merely a good craftsman, not a true artist ), and the man says...

The Machinist   7/19/05
by SamsoniteDelilah
I'd highly recommend this haunting film - in fact, I have been recommending it and rewatching it since I saw it two days ago.

The Machinist   4/13/05
by OG-
The Machinist is a great movie and another shining example that Brad Anderson, though he only has two genre entries under his belt, is a beast in the ring. The man doesn't have just an eye for creating a slick, decadent and morbid world, he has a sixth sense for it.

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