Save the Green Planet   9/11/08
by adidasss
So, we start off by not really being sure as to whether Byeong-gu is insane or there actually is some validity to his claims, to completely ignoring this point in the torture and attempts of escape that take up most of the film, to being convinced he's a complete nutter to the last twist which I'm s...

Fine, Totally Fine   9/08/08
by adidasss
The film has won the top prize at the biggest Japanese film festival in the world, the Nippon Connection in Frankfurt, the audience award at the New York Asian film festival and the Japan film angel prize for new scriptwriters.

Heima   1/26/08
by adidasss
This was bar none, the single greatest music DVD I've had the privilege of seeing.

Izgnanie (The Banishment)   12/05/07
by adidasss
Sadly, I'd say the photography is pretty much the only redeeming aspect of this film.

Tekkonkinkreet   10/02/07
by adidasss
In short, despite its shortcomings, Tekkonkinkreet is a very enjoyable experience and a must see for any fan of Japanese animation.

Milyang (Secret Sunshine)   9/27/07
by adidasss
Chang-dong once again proves that Korean cinema is going through its golden period.

Bakha Satang (Peppermint Candy)   6/13/07
by adidasss
In short, this is a story about a man and his road to ruin. It opens with a scene where the lead character Yongho, crazed, rambling and nearing a breakdown, stumbles upon a reunion of his friends from 20 years back. To their disbelief, he climbs to a railroad track and commits suicide shouting "I'm going back!". In the next 2 hours, we slowly discover what has lead him to that moment...

Chronicle of An Escape   6/08/07
by adidasss
It is the best thriller I've seen in years, it kept me on the edge of my seat and my heart racing 100mph, especially in the second half of the film.

Me and You and Everyone We Know   5/02/07
by adidasss
Right from the start it was clear this film will be like nothing I've seen before. None of the characters act in the way they're supposed to.

Nobody Knows   3/29/07
by adidasss
This film is based on a true story from 1988, known as the "Affair of the four abandoned children of Sugamo"; 4 children (one brother aged 14 and 3 sisters aged 7,3 and 2) are abandoned by their mother and left to fend for themselves, which has tragic consequences.

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