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'Red Rooms' (2023)

Red rooms is a curious film. It’s extremely disturbing in parts as it deals with a fictional serial killer who has committed heinous crimes and filmed them for the dark web. The film begins with the accused’s court case and goes into fine detail about the nature of the crime – which is tremendously upsetting even if it is fictional. The film then delves into the life of Kelly-Anne (played by Juliette Gariépy), who is a model based in Montreal. She is a bit of a mathematics talent, enters online poker games and has a flare for technology and hacking. Kelly-Anne develops an obsession with the case and the killer and is determined to find out missing pieces of evidence in an attempt to feed her obsession. The set up is fanciful and raises an eyebrow or two.

That said, the director Pascal Plante has done a good job of structuring this film and certain parts of it are morbidly fascinating, even if there are aspects that really don’t seem to be based in reality. The result is a tight thriller that is very much worth watching if 1) You can forgive the more fanciful parts and 2) You can get over the bleakness of the crimes mentioned.