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32. Clerks 3

Randall has a heart attack and it makes him re-evaluate his life. He always wanted to make a movie...so he does just that.

Man, I can't help but feel that this film is getting a higher rating than it should becuase I watched it with Kevin Smith in attendance. He gave a great QnA after the film and gave us a wild plot by plot synopsis of what the original Clerks 3 script was...it was VERY DARK.

I also feel that the rating is a bit higher for the sentimentality of the film and not the comedy. Seeing it with Smith in the crowd, you know that the audience are Smith fans, so they will laugh at everything, I probably laughed a bit more than I would in a regular theatre.

But the film is indeed, his most heartfelt movie to date. It's so personal that I have to admire it. You can tell that Smith's heart attack has him re-evaluating his own life and he has thrown a lot of his thoughts and emotions into this piece. I was actually sad by the end of it. There are plenty of moments in my life where the last word I have with someone, wasn't a pleasant one and there is no chance to take that back.

Yes, this is a retread of the first film from Smith's POV. We are seeing how HE made the film and he jams pack this film with "winks" and "nods" to the previous movie.

So consider this a "fan" rating, but it is without a doubt, his best film in years.