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Bones and All

'Bones and All' (2022)

Hmm, this film is fine, just fine - difficult to write about spoiler free. It's an enjoyable romantic journey with the first half being a sort of Badlands meets American Honey vibe via the American Midwest. It's a road trip coming of age film with one additional element - the horror. Which is fine but I just didn't connect with that element.

I left the film thinking is that horror a metaphor for the barrier that these people face? I.e. - being on the margins of society, outcasts trying to find their own way in the world? This burden that they have to live with daily because of who they are? Or is it not a metaphor and it's just slotted right into the film for the ride. I still don't know. So it maybe just a fault of my film viewing style but I much preferred director Luca Gudagnino's 'Call me by your Name'.

Timothy Chalamet (Lee) and Taylor Russell (Maren) are worthy of praise but Mark Rylance (Sully) steals the show as the creepy stalker type trying to track down Maren. Great score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross too. But that horror element - I have no idea.