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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Without a doubt, the most original film you will see this year. This was a breath of fresh air in an era of spandex flying super heroes. Everything Everywhere feels like several different films all at once and manages to carve its own unique style in the absurdity. The humour from the 'Daniels" previous film feels very similar here, so if you couldn't get on board with a farting corpse in Swiss Army Man, you'll probably find the humour here extremely juvenile. I loved it, I loved the absurdity to it and the dedication to detail that calls back to previous scenes.

The film feels like a mix of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Matrix if blended in a vat of comedy. The jumping from "universe to universe" was done with a Gondry flair that kept me on my toes as to what was being thrown at me on the screen. I was never confused as to what universe I was in, which is a big accomplishment because this film gets weird and expects you to play catch-up with it.

The cast was superb, Michelle Yeoh leads here with kick ass martial arts, surprisingly good comedy chops and emotional beats that tug at the heart strings. The film is a balancing act of all these things and does it wonderfully. I could see how some people might be put off by how jarring some of it could be, but if you hop on this ride early, you'll enjoy the hell out of it.

Stephanie Hsu plays her daughter, she has trouble connecting with her mother on multiple levels which puts a serious strain on their relationship. Ke Huy Quan from The Goonies and Temple of Doom returns to the screen. I was seriously impressed with his performance, he garnered the perfect amount of sympathy. Jamie Lee Curtis has a small role and with the subtle raise of an eyebrow can take over a scene. She was also great and not afraid to fully embrace the visuals of her character. James Hong shows up too, showing everyone at the age of 93 that he can still pull off awesome characters.

The fight scenes are pretty cool and engaging, there are only a few of them, so they do standout when the film showcases those sequences. At 2hrs and 19mins, the film might feel long to some. I did feel the length towards the end of the film, but it did not bother me that much. Much like the 3hr runtime of The Batman, I know this is a long movie but I'm fine staying in this world a bit longer.