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No Time to Die

'No Time to Die' (2021)

I had low expectations, but enjoyed the first half of the film. Then it just gets about as ridiculous as Bond can get.

WARNING: "BOND" spoilers below
Several characters could literally be excluded from the film and it would be the same film. The character of Nomi is literally only there to tick a box and the makers can say "Er yep, we have had a 007 agent that is a black woman, now we're going to cast white men again". Maybe that's a clever ploy but it doesn't do the film any good. Plus I liked her Jamaican accent far better than her real one! I like Rami Malek, but not in this. He's miscast and stone cold.

And Bond was shot about 4 times at close range but then somehow manages to get up, climb a ladder and go up to a rooftop? I thought we'd dispensed with that sort of nonsense after the Brosnan era.

And of course the bad guy has a lair built into an Island cliff face. This bordered on more Austin Powers than Craig era Bond. A parody of a parody.

I see what they were doing with the ending, introducing us to a possible Daniel Craig link in about 5 Bond films' time where he comes back in the form of a memory as Jane Bond agent 0070 recalls her father. Although I did quite like the emotional side of his connection with his daughter - ridiculous can be fun sometimes, but here it was a bit too lampooned.