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Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla Vs. Kong

I think an actual monkey with a typewriter could write a script that makes more sense than this, but that doesn't matter too much for this type of movie. To make a movie like this feel like more than just mindless spectacle you need to just have some emotional investment in the titular fight, and there are bits that try to do that, but they get lost in pointless subplots and awful comedy.

Having no investment in anything happening kills any movie, even one as dumb as this, but there still is some good here. I watched this in a home theater with good projection and a great sound system, and it really did elevate the experience. The sound design and visuals are great for the most part, and there was never a point when I was bored, which I was afraid of. The only thing I'd complain about visually is the actual monsters, but that's less of the movies fault and more just a result of the technology not being there yet.

If you can see this in a theater go for it, but if not I'd recommend watching something else.