The Batman   3/13/22
by Weasel
And I hope my feelings are rarely echoed, because although it sucks to feel alone, I can't help but feel joy seeing people love film with such a passion, a passion I can relate to.

Shin Godzilla   6/23/21
by Weasel
For a movie that's only two hours long, it ends up feeling a lot longer.

Godzilla vs. Kong   6/22/21
by Weasel
To make a movie like this feel like more than just mindless spectacle you need to just have some emotional investment in the titular fight, and there are bits that try to do that, but they get lost in pointless subplots and awful comedy.

Southland Tales   6/08/21
by Weasel
I understood what it was about like 20 minutes in so all of these scenes are worthless but at least I wasn't considering turning the movie off during them.

Pink Floyd - The Wall   3/25/21
by Weasel
I think it's impossible to adequately "review" this film without the context of the album; it is a distinct work and can be viewed by anyone, but its thematic ideas and construction are all based upon a similar framework, one that ends up making this film and the album it's based on so interesting.

Blade Runner 2049   2/09/21
by Weasel
Most sci-fi movies are a boring mess of dumb metal **** and blue light, whereas this movie has some really awesome sets that give each locale a very different feel.

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