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The Polar Express

Having just got back from seeing this at the cinema i feel full of the festive beans. Zemeckis and Hanks are back toegether again, but this time in the form of CGI characters (Hanks, Not Mecky). I was always going to see this at the cinema just because i have always enjoyed Zemeckis and Hanks together (Forrest Gump, Cast Away), but i never thought it would be as good as it was. The whole film is a total treat for the eyes, and if you enjoy getting into the holiday spirit this is without a doubt the film for you. Its so full of christmassness that it is litterally overflowing. Now obviosuly for poeple that dont enjoy the Christmas shmultz, i wouldnt reccommend it, as it can be seen as a little too sickly sweet, however, i dont mind a bit of sacharine gooeyness, and at this time of year i embrace it! Tom Hanks plays several characters in the movie, voice wise and motion capture wise, and although some may find it slightly creepy with every face turning round to be his, i absoloulty adored it. Mecky's attempt at trying to produce truly humanlike CGI works quite well, but the scenery and images the film throws out will be what really impresses you. With a very good story, some incredible action sequences (one of which involves the train skidding across a frozen lake i particulary(sp?) wobbled at.) and some amazing secenery it will be very hard for the kids and anyone who watches it too get bored. With Alan Silvestri beautiful music score and Zemeckis's enchanting abilities of telling a story, the film is touching for adults as well as the kids.

- A must see on your Holidays Movies List