WALL·E   6/05/08
by blibblobblib
Hilarious, thoughtfull, genuine and beautiful, i was very happy to meet the little guy. Whats not to like!?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull   5/21/08
by blibblobblib know the bit in [i]Temple of Doom[/i] when they jump out of the plane and use the rubber dingy to sail to the ground? Well that bit’s stupid right? And you know it could never happen, but still find it really enjoyable? That’s pretty much the entirety of [i]Kingdom of the Crystal Skull[/i].

The Polar Express   12/04/04
by blibblobblib
Mecky's attempt at trying to produce truly humanlike CGI works quite well, but the scenery and images the film throws out will be what really impresses you.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban   6/07/04
by blibblobblib
With Cuaron in the big boss chair this time around we see the type of Potter film that most fans have been waiting for, a new darker view of this magical world we love so much.

Punch-Drunk Love   5/14/04
by blibblobblib
The third in the three of Paul Thomas Andersons most successful films is perhaps the most bizarre, yet also the most beautiful. His trademark cinematography is still noticeable, but with some new additions [i]Punch Drunk Love[/i] is a absoloute blast of the senses.

Maximum Overdrive   5/04/04
by blibblobblib
Like with a lot of Steven King adaptations, you know the story is going to be good, you know there is going to be some wonderful characters and you know there's also going to be some dark comedy and [i]Maximum Overdrive[/i] delivers all of this.

Shaun of the Dead   4/14/04
by blibblobblib
Parodying George A. Romero's 1978 classic zombie flick [i]Dawn of the Dead[/i], this British offering adds something to the zombie genre that seems to have been absent for too long...comedy and love!

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