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Through a Glass Darkly

80. Through a Glass Darkly- 1961
Dir Ingmar Berman
Principal Actors: Harriet Andersson, Max Von Sydow, Lars Passgard, and Gunmar Bjornstrand.

This is the first of Bergmans Trilogy concerning the "Silence of God". In this film Bergman tells the story of a father, his daughter and son, and the daughter's husband, isolated on a remote island for a summer vacation. We are told about the sickness of the daughter. This sickness is a severe mental disorder, most likely schizophrenia. She has been treated, but is going through a period of recovery. The husband loves and feels powerless to help her. ?Her father is an author, highly regarded, who has just returned from travels to Switzerland.

The daughter almost immediately starts having problems wit mental episodes. She goes upstairs at night claiming that voices had called to her, that the wallpaper opened a door where she met a group of people waiting for something... God. Later she says she saw God, and he was a spider.

Bergman followed up this movie with two others 'Winter's Light" and "The Silence". These three films make up his silence of God trilogy. I will review "Winter's Light" later on this list. I watched the silence once several years ago. I watched it late at night and found it difficult to follow. I need to go back and watch it again. I highly recommend This film and Winter's Light to Bergman Fans.