Through a Glass Darkly   10/10/20
by Diehl40
In this film Bergman tells the story of a father, his daughter and son, and the daughter's husband, isolated on a remote island for a summer vacation.

Through a Glass Darkly   1/01/18
by mark f
Bergman's first "chamber drama" is also one of his most accessible, telling the story of schizophrenic young Karin (Harriet Andersson) who has recently left a mental hospital to return to the island home of her family, her doctor husband Martin (Max von Sydow), her novelist father David (Gunnar Bjrn...

Through a Glass Darkly   6/27/15
by Iroquois
It is also considered part of Bergman's unofficially thematic trilogy about God's silence, which is probably due to how the mental issues affecting Bjrnstrand's daughter (Harriet Andersson) manifest themselves as hallucinations regarding God's potential existence on a plane understandable to human b...

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