Through a Glass Darkly   10/10/20
by Diehl40
In this film Bergman tells the story of a father, his daughter and son, and the daughter's husband, isolated on a remote island for a summer vacation.

Mystery Train   9/16/20
by Diehl40
87 Mystery Train dir Jim Jarmusch Principal actors: Nicolatta Braschi, Tom Noonan, Elizabeth Bracco, Joe Strummer, Steve Aviles, Steve Buscemi

Educating Rita   9/15/20
by Diehl40
The movie has a lousy synthesized soundtrack, and the cinematography looks like it was filmed on a video camera, but I do like the two main characters played by Michael Caine and Julie Walters.

Down by Law   9/11/20
by Diehl40
Many of his movies seem to be slice of life stories (not even the most exciting slice) that may seem boring to most movie audiences.

All the President's Men   9/10/20
by Diehl40
A good companion documentary to watch in conjunction with this movie would be the Discovery Channel's "Watergate" a multi-episode film that is available on You Tube.

The Thin Blue Line   9/09/20
by Diehl40
He shows how the police likely targeted Adams because he was the right age for a death sentence, while Harris is still a juvenile; how Grigson based his testimony on minimal interaction with Adams; and how most of the evidence that convicted Adams came directly from Harris mouth.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels   9/08/20
by Diehl40
The first sign of trouble comes when they pool their life savings for a high-stakes poker game organized by Hatchet Harry (a mid level organizer of illegal gambling and operator of porn shops.) Harry cheats, the group looses all of their money and then some, and Harry demands that they hand over the...

Devil's Playground   9/08/20
by Diehl40
In the state where the film was filmed it is widely believed that the Amish parties are the wildest.

The Shawshank Redemption   9/05/20
by Diehl40
What I did like was the fact that a movie that took its time to develop characters, and allowed the story to unfold from Reds (Morgan Freemans character) perspective instead of Andys own.

The Player   9/02/20
by Diehl40
If you devoted a movie to explaining what makes a good movie and then demonstrating what that good movie might look like, you get the "Player".

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