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What is The Matrix and what does it mean?1

’The Matrix’ managed to blow the minds of moviegoers worldwide when it hit cinemas just before the new millennium. It was a towering milestone in technological achievements, containing artificial archenemies aching to attack and destroy the destined “one” named Neo, who is in search for answers inside a dream-like digital world full of well-choreographed kung-fu combat and cool-looking lingering slow-mo shots, all of which makes you want to pinch some no-hinge sunglasses on your nose just as you enter a nirvana of nu-metal music and macho-like masquerades... Welcome to The Matrix.

‘The Matrix’ is all style and pseudo-substance, successfully spellbinding you with its rocket-fueled pocket philosophy and ever-impressive action scenes, giving a f*ck about gravity but gaining a ton in badassery. It might have revolutionized computer-generated imagery, but its grand computer-generated space is undoubtably one of the undisputed monarchs of science fiction world building. A world created by two creative minds and then morphed into a singular higher soul called Morpheus, who is the leading exposition-feeding entity that everybody believes in. But who does he believe in? Neo of course. The nerdy little hacker who seeks answers in a world where nothing makes sense to him anymore. Thankfully, Morpheus has the answers, or at least the questions.

I’m not saying 'The Matrix' isn’t a smart movie, because what does that even mean exactly? 'The Matrix' may be a knot easier loosened than everlasting, but that knot sits on a stylish green tie, further complimenting the dark shirt and even darker trench coat. Matrix is code in itself, but also a code to live by. You literally devote your life to a digital system more dangerous than the real world. But perhaps also with more hope, even if it is by a microscopic margin. ‘The Matrix’ is a fired-up fairytale of destined journeys and the fight between good and evil… it is a reference-filled religious rambling, which exists only in its own little world… but most importantly it is confident in its cool-factor, creative in its world building and playful with its complexity. ‘The Matrix’ might not be petrol-fueled rocket science… but it might just be petrology-fueled… because it f*cking rocks!

1. Matrix – the fine-grained portion of a rock in which coarser crystals or rock fragments are embedded.