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North by Northwest

North by Northwest

We have decided to change up our viewing habits a bit and alternate some choices. So one week will be our usual random movie pick and the next week we choose a director and each pick a film from his/her filmography. I threw Alfred Hitchcock as the first choice and they agreed. The first film chosen was North by Northwest. My choice was Rear Window and the third shall be Shadow of a Doubt. I've seen 2/3 of these and the one film I was going in blind was indeed, North by Northwest.

North by Northwest felt very James Bond-esque the moment the film started. The opening title sequence could be mistake for early Bond movies and of course we have the plot involving spies, jumping from location to location and a random love interest that doesn't feel real to the audience, but works for the characters. For the most part, I enjoyed this film. I'd be lying if I didn't walk away a tad confused here or there, but that is due to me not paying close attention and Hitchcock's constant use of the maguffin.

I was along for the ride. Hitchcock crafts his films with intelligence and care and with this film he brings iconic images to Hollywood. This was my first time seeing this film, but even I knew of the crop dusting plane escape and the suspense atop Mount Rushmore. Both scenes executed very well, even if the later seems to be a staple in Hitchcock adventure films.

Kudos on getting a really big laugh from me with the last image.