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The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Spy Who Dumped Me

If I had only judged this movie by the trailer, I would probably not have gone and seen it, or at least not until it got available online. But I gave it a chance, and in my opinion this is a very fun and wickedly crazy flick. If you're tired of spy movies taking themselves too seriously, this is the one for you. You can tell how much of a blast Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon had making this movie.

I'll sum up the story briefly: Audrey isn't happy on her birthday. Her boyfriend Drew dumps her via a text message, which makes her angry and confused. Her friend Morgan suggests they burn his things as revenge. Audrey later flirt with a man by the name of Sebastian, who unexpectedly throws her into his car and reveals to her that Drew is actually a secret agent. She informs Morgan, and Drew suddenly returns home to instruct them to deliver an important trophy.

I wasn't super familiar with Kate McKinnon before this, but she got a lot of the best lines. Her character's tendency for saying whatever's on her mind, no matter how weird or badly timed it may be, makes the jokes more unpredictable, and you laugh at her ballsy nature and impulsiveness. And you've got to love her go at a British accent.

Mila Kunis gives one of her performances in a while, really managing to live into the wacky situations she gets thrown into. Not to mention she has some pretty funny moments herself. The few quieter moments where she and McKinnon just reflect on their lives are nice to see, and helps you emotionally connect to them. Justin Theroux and not-Chris-Pratt Sam Heughan also give really good performances as agents Drew and Sebastian. I won't spoil too much, but the movie takes some pretty interesting turns with their characters.

Not just the comedy works, it's also surprisingly well-filmed, with intense and very brutal action sequences. You feel the bullets and the impact of the action. It's less Mission: Impossible and more Kingsman: The Secret Service in terms of the violence.

If you're coming to this movie for Gillian Anderson (that was part of the reason I checked it out), she gives a restrained, fairly comic performance as the spy organization boss Wendy. The highlight is when she gets to yell at her two incompetent lackeys. However, this is where I get to one of my criticisms. I wish she would have gotten more to do. In total her screentime equals to a few minutes at the most, and that's not enough. I would have loved to see her play a bigger role, instead she always gets pushed to the side. Then there are also a couple jokes that didn't do it for me, but given the amount of humor in the script, you can't hit the target every time. Plus they are so few and far between that you forget about them quickly.

We don't have enough R-rated comedies nowadays that's not exclusively about partying. This is a light feel-good ride with some darkly comic elements.