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Predator (1987) RR

Wanted to watch something relaxing and fun for a change. 80s Arnold usually fits that bill.

Arnold and his merry group of macho soldiers go to jungle in search of some missing people. With unending ammo they first dispose the evil guerrillas but being true gentlemen they just capture the only female of the camp. On their way back a badass alien starts to hunt them just for the lulz and eventually gets into dick measuring contest with Arnold.

Predator is one of those 80s films where you just can't be sure if it's serious or trying to parody all the cliches of its time. All the close-ups of muscled arms, completely overdone machismo, stupid one liners, everyone shooting on full auto, etc. could easily be either. I don't think the distinction is that important though because most importantly the film is very entertaining.

First 80 minutes or so are really good but I've always thought the film takes a little dive after it turns to a duel between Predator and Arnold. Especially the end after Arnold's mud washes away is clearly weaker than the rest of the film. I guess it's partly because Arnold's character is almost completely blank compared to some of the others and the fisticuffs with the monster just looks dumb.

Predator looks pretty nice but the camouflaged version hasn't aged too well. It's also weird how all kills by Predator are quite bloody and detailed but when the heroes kill guerrillas there's practically no blood at all, even when shooting them with gatling. The jungle settings look good and while the film isn't really that suspenseful the directing is solid and the growing fear in the men is nicely portrayed.

Not the best 80s action (-scifi-horror) but very solid film none the less. I've seen this at least five times and it's still great entertainment.