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It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night (1934) N

I have never read Harlequin books but It Happened One Night is very close to how I imagine them to be.

Who in their right mind doesn't like raw carrots?

A rich man's daughter is on the run from Miami to New York, or from her possessive father to her husband through marriage her father attempts to annul. She bumps into a pompous and drunken journalist who decides to help her evade all the forces sent by her father in exchange for exclusive story. Everything after that is surprisingly unsurprising.

I watched the clock for the first time after only 20 minutes and was horrified. Fortunately the film did pick some momentum during the road trip. With the ending being obvious very early it was the journey that mattered but it only sparkled for too few and too short periods. Middle of the film was far more pleasant but the last 20 minutes were again just waiting for the obvious to happen.

For the most time both leads were good but I didn't feel much chemistry between them (Peter being so full of himself probably didn't help nor did Ellie being helpless and clueless like a little child). I can't really fault their performances but the writing made it really hard to be interested in their relationship.

A predictable romance with somewhat dull characters but some good moments and good acting.