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Near Dark

Near Dark (1987) R

I think this was the third time I saw this and for some reason it seems to get worse on every view.

Caleb is a young man living in rural Oklahoma. He meets a pretty girl, gets bitten in the neck and finds himself traveling with a bunch of murdering vampires. Caleb's a good boy so there's some troubles in adjusting to his new nocturnal existence.

On some level Near Dark is interesting deviation from the usual sophisticated vampires but characters completely lack charisma (I hate most characters played by Bill Paxton). Another huge issue is the logistical impossibility of this vampire posse; according to movie each of them needs to kill (why?) every night meaning they've been driving across the states killing more than 1800 people every year for the past four years (Mae says she was turned four years ago and she appears to be the latest addition before Caleb)

So the script is by far the worst issue (oh, and I hate the end so much - it's the worst possible way to end a vampire film). Bigelow can direct and the film looks rather nice. I also liked the Tangerine Dream soundtrack. Acting didn't feel too good but it might be the characters that actually bother me (also it would have needed more actors from Aliens).

A mediocre vampire film that just gets dumber every time I see it.