Near Dark   7/21/18
by pahaK
Another huge issue is the logistical impossibility of this vampire posse; according to movie each of them needs to kill (why?) every night meaning they've been driving across the states killing more than 1800 people every year for the past four years (Mae says she was turned four years ago and she appears to be the latest addition before Caleb)

Near Dark   10/11/16
by Omnizoa
Fortunately this movie avoids total amorality by not insisting that Main Guy's new condition actually warrants killing and he refuses to kill at every opportunity, however we fall way short of the likes of Blade and Vampire Hunter D when he still thinks he can get in good with his confusing new vampire clan just by helping out and leeching on the blood they steal from others.

Near Dark   11/24/10
by MovieMad16
Of all The Vampire films ever to be made , Near Dark is one of the most underrated.

Near Dark   7/01/10
by TheUsualSuspect
The death scenes are gruesome and to me are what true vampire films are about.

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