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The Conjuring (2013) - Directed by James Wan

"God brought us together for a reason."

I don't watch a lot of demon-based movies. Before I saw this movie I had only seen one other demon-related film: The Exorcist. And while The Exorcist is without a doubt the better movie, The Conjuring was a lot scarier.

Most people assume The Conjuring is a made up story about real-0life demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Nope. Google It. The family was real. The demon is real (I'm Christian, by the way). The Conjuring is a reimagining of the story of the Perron family haunting and the demon haunting it. Ed and Lorrain Warren come into the house to deal with what may have been the most intense demon experience they have ever faced.

Now I believe in demons without a doubt, but I'm not scared of them. I mean, hey, God can deal with them very easily. But I get into the "spirit," heh heh, of wehatever movie I watch. This movie scared me. That may be because I don't watch a lot of horror. Despite that, he build-up was excellent. I saw a couple of thinfgs coming, but most of the scares were twists on what I expected. Impressive.

The depiction of the demonic possession was far beyond realistic. It was amazing to watch how the special efects and the wonderful actors worked together to create a realistic facade of a demonic haunting. And of course, there's a happy ending I was very pleased with.

I have two major faults with the movie. First, the Perron Family has very little character development. I love character development. Second, there were plenty of times James Wan didn't really grasp the ideals of a perfect film. The cinemotagrapher wasn't very focused at times. Although, sometimes it gave the film a found footage feel, so that was kinda cool.

The Conjuring is one of the better horror movies I've seen in the modern age. I believe It is the best horror movie ever, but there's no doubt this movie is a proper horror thrill ride that doesn't base itself on blood and gore in lue of actual scare tactics.